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Climate and weather

High Season Weather

Tourists visiting Khao Lak can expect a warm climate year round. If you don't enjoy really high temperatures, the best period to visit Khao Lak is from November to March. Then the humidity is lower which makes the climate more pleasant for many visitors. The average temperature during this period is approximately 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, which means a few degrees colder than during the hottest period of the year.

The Hot Period

April and May is ideal for people who love sunbathing and hot temperatures in general. The temperature is then between 28 to 34┬░Celsius, although higher temperatures may occur. Drink plenty of water if you spend much time in the sun and make sure that you get some salt. Also fruit like melon, papaya and mango is beneficial and good in a warm climate!

The Weather in Summer

In June to August, the temperature generally decreases a few degrees and there might be occasional showers. Temperatures usually range between 24 to 32┬░Celsius during this period.

The Rainy Season

The wet season starts in September and early October, but even then it is often long intervals of sunshine between the showers. Make sure you have an umbrella or raincoat handy if you're out hiking or on a trip. Storms can come quickly and surprisingly.

In summary, Khao Lak is a nice destination anytime of the year, not least because of the many different tours and activities on offer here, both in water and on land. The water temperature is often around thirty degrees Celsius year round.

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