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Beaches in Khao Lak

It is the calmness and the tropical feeling that dominates the beaches of Khao Lak. There are no annoying jet skis or beach vendors. The number of deck chairs are also very limited, apart from next to the large hotels that offer such services to their guests.

Khao Lak Beach

This is the southernmost located beach in Khao Lak and is a bit secluded. A cape, makes it a bit tricky to visit this beach, and that is why this beach is not so well attended. There are a number of resorts located here now and most of these are located on the north shore.

Nang Thong Beach

Hat Nang Thong, is the most popular beach in the area but is not as full of tourist that some might think. Many visitors spends time at massage places and at the resorts. In addition, many tourists go on adventures and diving tours. At low season even Nang Thong might be relatively empty. Some of the hotels offer beach chairs for there guests on the beach, but 90% of the beach is "free" from them.

Accommodation in Nang Thong:

Khao Lak Youth Club - Khaolak Bay Front Resort - Suwan Palm - Ocean Breeze Resort - Khaolak Palm Beach Resort - Khao Lak Resort - Baan Khaolak Resort - Khao Lak Seaview Resort & Spa - Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort

Bang Niang Beach

The second most popular beach is called Bang Niang and it is located just north of Nang Thong. At Bang Niang there are fewer resorts than at its southern neighbor. Next to the beach you will find a number of fine resorts and cozy beach restaurants which offers a magnificent view over the Andaman Sea, especially at sunrise. Above the beach there are also a popular marketplace that offers the visitor a large selection of clothing, fruit, toys, shoes, video games, movies and music. There is also a miniature golf course in the neighborhood. The courses are designed as animals, Asian ruins, etc., and surrounded by tropical plants, waterfalls and artificial streams.

Accommodation in Bangniang:

Andaburi Resort - Sudala Beach Resort - Bangniang Beach Resort - Ayara Villas

Khuk Khak Beach

Khuk Khak Beach is located just north of Bang Niang and now offers a number of cozy resort to its visitors. The luxury hotel JW Marriott is one of them. To find your way here just follow the signs from the village of Khak Khuk down to the beach. There are a couple of paths and small roads leading towards the water. Once on the beach, you can encounter local fishermen preparing nets and gear for the evening and night fishing.

Accommodation in Khuk Khak:

JW Marriott Khaolak - The Andamania Beach Resort

Pak Weep Beach

A couple of Khao Lak's most luxurious hotels and resorts are located along Pakweep. One of these hotels is Le Meridien. The beach is beautiful, and one of the reasons to live here is that the area has received national park status, which means that no motor boats are allowed in the area.

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