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Attractions in Khao Lak

Waterfalls and Jungle Tours

As Khao Lak is surrounded by tropical jungle and mountains, there are a number of natural waterfalls in the vicinity. These falls can hardly be compared to the Niagara Falls, but the jungle adventure is a good excuse to take a break from the sunbathing and the heat of the beach, because of the cool shade of the tropical jungle that surrounds the beaches of Khao Lak. Please note that some of the waterfalls are located within national parks, and a entrance fee at 100 or 200 baht for tourists will apply. Thai nationals also pay, but a lower fee.

Chong Fah waterfall can be found a few kilometers north of Khao Lak, along with the main highway from Phuket up to Takua Pa. The waterfall is accessible with a jeep or a motorcycle, which you can rent in central Khao Lak and in some resorts.

Tohn Prai is a relatively large waterfall located in Thai Muang national park. You can run a good distance by car or motorcycle, but the last kilometer you'll have to continue on foot.

20 kilometers south of Khaolak (in the Thai Muang district) is the Lumpee or Lam Phi Falls located. The waterfall is medium-large and is divided into three levels. The amount of water in the waterfall is obviously affected by the weather and rain season.

Coral Reefs and Snorkeling

Outside Hat Khaolak you find beautiful coral reefs suitable for snorkeling and diving in this area. Here you can go by a speedboat or longtail boat, and the trip takes about 30-45 minutes (depending on the type of boat) and can be organized by local travel agents on the beach at Hat Khaolak.

Turtle Festival

A week-long Turtle Releasing Festival is celebrated in March. The small turtles are raised by the Department of Fisheries and are released in the sea at Thai Muang, south of Khao Lak. This is a nice week for a true animal lover.

National Parks

Laem Ru National Park

Laem Ru is one of many national parks in the province of Phang Nga. The area was classified as a national park in 1991 and covers an area of 150 square kilometers. The park offers sightseeing for nature lovers with exotic plants, animals, and a landscape that includes beautiful beaches and mangroves. One of the park's many attractions is Kao Lak mountain, located by the sea and with a Chinese temple at the top of the mountain dedicated to the keeper of the temple. The temple is located close to the Thai Muang district.

Thai Muang National Park

This was formerly a tin mine and the area is consisting of 45,000 rai (1 rai equivalent to 1600 meters) is located 25 kilometers from Khao Lak on the way to Phuket. Attractions within the park include Lumpee cases, Tohn Prai cases, and Hat Thai Muang.

Sri Phang Nga National Park

Sri Phang Nga Is located in the district of Kuraburi and is located about 60 km from Khao Lak. It is clearly worth a visit if you want to experience the unique primeval forest. You can even sleep over at the park's campground. Several waterfall is within walking distance of the park's center. Remember that it can be quite warm so bring enough water or sports drink, etc.

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