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Activities in Khao Lak

Diving and snorkeling

The Andaman Sea offer several great dive sites and Khao Lak is a hub for some of the best diving destinations in Thailand. One of the great advantages is that Khao Lak is located much closer to known dive sites such as Similan Islands, Surin Island and the Richelieu Rock, than Phuket and Krabi. This means that Khao Lak can offer a less expensive and time-efficient alternative for those who want to explore the underwater world.

There are many diving schools in the area which offers a variety of diving tours and courses (from basic ones for beginners to advanced courses for instructors). Most of the schools are PADI-certified.

•  More information about PADI is found here

Snorkeling trips can be booked from diving schools, travel agencies and many of the hotels. Keep in mind that daily trips to the Similan Islands will take quite some time (about 3 hours) with the motorboat, which unfortunately means that the time for snorkeling is limited.

Hiking in the National Parks

The beaches in Khao Lak is surrounded by tropical jungle and there are many hiking trails in the neighborhood. One of these is located in (and around) the national park of Laem Ru, situated Southeast of Khao Lak center.

Also the national parks of Sri Phang Nga, Khao Sok and Thai Muang can be interesting to explore for visitors who are fascinated by the wildlife. The two first mentioned are situated about 30 kilometers Northeast of Takua Pa, while Thai Muang is found about 30 kilometers south of Khao Lak.

Play golf in Khao Lak

Khao Lak's golf course has 18 holes, the course length is 6825 meters and the par is 72. The course is situated on the Royal Thai Navy Sport Development Center in Thap Lamu, a few miles south of Khao lak (Thap Lamu is also the starting point for boats to Similan). The golf course is owned by the Royal Thai Navy and was upgraded to an 18-hole course in the summer of 2002, when it also was opened to the public. The course is located at one of Khao Lak's most beautiful natural areas, Son-Ngam. Nature, birds and lush vegetation provide a natural and relaxing experience during the golf round.

A green card is not compulsory in Thailand (except for a few courses). Some experience of the game is obviously an advantage if golf is on your holiday agenda. Some clubs offer an introductory course that leads to obtain a license which can be compared to a green card. To hire a caddy is usually mandatory. The fee you pay to him is normally around 300-500 baht.

The dress code on the course is common golf clothing, i.e. shirts or polo shirt with collar (no T-shirt), decent shorts are ok, but no swim wear. Golf shoes are of course preferable but regular sneakers are usually accepted. Not many clubs offer rental shoes, but you can of course buy a pair of shoes at a reasonable price in Thailand. However, bear in mind that golf stores and sports stores do not always provide shoes in the largest sizes.

Elephant Riding

In Ton Patiwat you have the opportunity to ride on an elephant in a scenic environment. You will pass a few small waterfalls on the tour. You can book the tour from any travel agency in Khao Lak and even some travel agents in Phuket.

Hot springs

At Kapong you find some hot springs and an associated natural pool. You pass the springs if you're going to Lam Ru and Hin Lad waterfalls which are located in the National Khaolak-Lamru area. Therefore, it can be beneficial to combine these two destinations for a day trip.

Ban Bo Dan-springs is located a few kilometers south of the city of Thai Muang. The water here has a relatively high mineral content, including calcium and sodium, making them popular for skin care and stress relief.

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